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Benefits of the facial cleansing ad ultrasound

gently remove dead skin particles;
perform micromassage at the cellular level and thus activate blood circulation and the absorption of oxygen by the tissues; to improve cell metabolism;
improve skin tone.


Facial cleansing ad ultrasound

Ultrasonic facial cleansing: effective cleansing of facial skin from blackheads, sebum and clogged sebaceous glands. Compared to manual cleaning, this procedure is performed using an ultrasonic device. Thanks to this, the skin not only rests, but it does. rejuvenates.


Facial cleansing ad ultrasound

If you want to have a nice and velvety skin, yes advises to regularly clean the skin of the face and some parts of the body: cleaning deep pores of the skin of blackheads (open comedones) and subcutaneous tubercles (comedones closed and milie) using professional tools and equipment, incl. ultrasonic. Solve problems: contamination and enlargement of skin pores; skin relief irregular; excessive fat content, tendency to inflammation. Today...

some services of the our clinic

Biorevitalization with a laser

Laser biorevitalization is a complex procedures consisting of laser resurfacing and biorevitalization, the purpose of which is to Rapidly and notably improves the condition of the skin. What is the essence of "Laser biorevitalization" technique? The combination of two laser methods + injections. cosmetic in a procedure causes the effect of mutual amplification, because the The laser increases the activity of the cells of youth (fibroblasts) and biorevitalization. provides hyaluronic acid to the skin.

Laser treatment

Laser resurfacing is a hardware technique to slow down the aging process, based on improving the production of collagen and increase skin elasticity. Troubleshooting: decrease skin tone; age spots; enlarged pores; uneven skin Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour. Course: 1 - 2 times a week 6 - 8 procedures. Result: reaffirm the contour of the expensive; uniform and healthy color; ...

Laser vessel removal optimistic

Laser coagulation of blood vessels is a hardware technique aimed at removing dilated capillaries, mainly blue and purple, 1-3 mm in diameter on the face and body. Troubleshooting: "stars" vascular on the face (cheekbones, cheeks, wings of the nose, bridge of the nose, eyelids); Capillary network extended on the body (cleavage, legs, abdomen).

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